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Quick Stress Busting Meditation (10 min)

Quick Stress Busting Meditation (10 min)

Set yourself free from unpleasant emotions. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed, stressed, pressured or anxious. These are all normal feelings that are meant to come and go but many of us get stuck in these emotions. So we will notice how we are feeling in this moment. No longer running away. We will give ALL of our emotions our attention. Learn the lesson, then let them go with gratitude.  


In this meditation you will experience:

Abdominal Breathing

Awareness of Emotions




Instagram: @KalyaniJen

YouTube: @HealingRestWithKalyani

Facebook: Kalyani Yoga

Spotify: Healing Rest

Insight Timer: Kalyani Jen Tobin


Music: “Healing Meditation" by Cinematic_alex 

Image: "Tranquility" by Twenty20photos

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