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Do you struggle with falling asleep?

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Yoga Nidra is the deepest of all meditations. Simply allow my voice to guide you deeper and deeper within. I will share with you the tools I learned as a Trauma sensitive yoga instructor to help you find peace and rest. There is no effort and you cannot do this wrong.

Try it today.

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I am deeply grateful for all of your support, encouragement and heartfelt participation.

With great Love and Respect, 



Sebastian- Seattle, WA

"Thank you!

Just my perspective: the Shoulder Pain episode is your most powerful yet. I am not sure why - I do love the decent amount of silence throughout that specific practice. Quite honestly, I am still hoping to stay fully awake for the entire session just once! :)


That said, thank you, thank you, thank you for braving and enduring all that technology in making your practice accessible to the world outside Florida! 

Warm regards," 

Sharon K.- Key West, FL

"Kalyani is fabulous!

I have taken her classes at a few different locations. She is a top notch yoga instructor.


Her Yoga Nidra class is not to be missed, best one I have been to.


How wonderful that she is now providing teacher training."

Tim- Birmingham, UK

"I’ve been listening to your Yoga Nidra podcasts along with reading Richard Miller’s book “The iRest program for healing PTSD”.


I just wanted to say a huge Thank You. Your podcasts are relaxing but extraordinarily powerful in putting the ideas and exercises of iRest into guided meditations that have helped me so much. 


They have truly been a vital part of a transformation for me. Thank you so much."

Peggy S.- Canada

"Yoga Nidra was one of the most power and peaceful days of my yoga teacher training (lead by you). I practice nidra often, and will continue to tune in.


Thank you so much for sharing."

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