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Meditation Bowl

Learn the basics of cultivating a meditation practice. We will explore multiple forms of meditation until we find the style that best suits you.  


Session 1- We will redefine meditation and let go of preconceived notions that keep us from maintaining a meditation practice. We will answer common beginner questions and move right into breath awareness. Learn multiple breathing techniques to impact your energy, awareness and your physical body.  

Session 2- Dive deeper into more esoteric practices. We will discuss and explore wisdom from Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, Mantra and Japa. Learn the power of our thoughts and words as we distinguish between the thinking mind and the observing mind. 

Session 3- We will bring it all together in session three as we dive into the deepest meditation of all. You will rest, completely supported, as you follow my voice on a journey deep within. You will recognize many of the meditation techniques coming together to guide you effortlessly into a deep sleep where you remain fully aware of my voice and your practice. This is a healing practice that is great for insomnia, stress and to recharge your energy. 


Three 60 Minute Sessions for one- $255 

Three 60 Minute Sessions for two- $330

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