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This session will get your heart pumping but then use the breath to calm it back down. Perfect for increasing your strength, flexibility and body awareness. 

Vinyasa Yoga links the breath to the movement. Flowing from one posture to the next allowing the breath to be the guide. You will work at your own pace, the beauty of yoga is that the practice meets you where you are, there is no competition with others or against your younger self. Learn to be present and observe the effects of the movement on your body, breath and emotions. After all of your hard work, there is a yummy deep relaxation at the end.

All private lessons are custom designed and tailored to your specific needs and desires. ​Kalyani brings over 20 years of experience to your session. Modifications will be made to make sure each posture is completely comfortable for your body. 


All equipment and accessories will be provided: yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets and eye pillows. (Cleaned and sanitized for your safety)


During the initial phone consultation, we discuss your goals and requirements, and schedule the date, time and location of your sessions.

60 Minute Session for one- $85 

60 Minute Session for two- $110

90 Minute Session for one- $125

90 Minute Session for two- $150

Groups of 3-5 (60 min)- $150

Groups of 6-10 (60 min)- $250


Sharon K

"Kalyani is fabulous!

I have taken her classes at a few different locations. She is a top notch yoga instructor. Her Yoga Nidra class is not to be missed, best one I have been to.

How wonderful that she is now providing teacher training."

Wiskey R.

"Amazing instructor that keeps things fun and flowing.  

Relaxing environment and feel the keys as Kalyani takes you thru the poses and brings zen to your day."

Peggy S.

"Yoga nidra was one of the most power and peaceful days of my yoga teacher training (lead by you). I practice nidra often, and will continue to tune in. Thank you so much for sharing.

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