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Book your private yoga session today. Choose from the following options or call me so I can guide you on the best style of yoga for you. Come as you are, no experience necessary. Click options below for a description.

Kalyani Yoga Mission:

To share the joy of yoga with every "body", regardless of shape, size, level of fitness or mobility. To go beyond asana (postures) and use the tools I learned at the Healing Arts Center to empower each student to discover the healing power within. To bring a safe, caring and healing environment to all.

Sara F.

"I've practiced with Kalyani for several years now. I love the cadence of her voice. She tailors her classes to the students and encourages us to be gentle to ourselves. She takes the time to break down the asanas so that we get the benefit of good alignment. All this and a bit of vinyasa makes for a well rounded practice."

Alessandra B.

"Professionalism with huge empathy. Kalyani is a very professional teacher. She has a deep and detailed knowledge of your body and its many functions. There's always something to learn after each yoga session."

Valerie M. 

"Wow! What a great experience. Kalyani is very experienced and very knowledgable about mind-soul-practice connections. I love her practice and feel refreshed after each session. Love her!"
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