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Yoga Nidra For The Best Sleep Ever (45 min)

Yoga Nidra For The Best Sleep Ever (45 min)

Allow my voice to act as a rope, anchoring your awareness as we travel deep within. Rest in stillness as we travel through our body noticing sensations. Explore an inner love visualization and relaxing breathing techniques. You may not make it to the end of the recording but that’s ok. Drift off to sleep whenever you are ready. There is no ending sound to reawaken you. 


In this Meditation you will experience:

Rotation of Consciousness

Yoga Nidra

Breath Awareness

Intention Setting


Music: “Deepest Healing” by Crypt of Insomnia and “Healing Meditation” by Alive Tunes

Image: “Moon behind the Black Peak” By wirestock


Instagram: @KalyaniJen

YouTube: @HealingRestWithKalyani

Facebook: Kalyani Yoga

Spotify: Healing Rest

Insight Timer: Kalyani Jen Tobin

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