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Sleep Like A Baby (45:55 min)

Sleep Like A Baby (45:55 min)

A 1/2 hour of Yoga Nidra = 3 hours of conventional sleep. Put on this meditation and allow me to guide you as you set down the weight of your stress and responsibilities, so you can Sleep Like A Baby. Focus your mind and get the endless chatter to grow quiet. Then together we will journey to a beautiful and peaceful park in the early morning. We are free to roam and explore the gardens or rest in the temple we discover in the clearing. Soothing music guides us deep and deeper within. There is no ending sound, so you can drift off into restful sleep without any effort at all.


In this Meditation you will experience:

Yoga Nidra

Rotation of Consciousness

Opposite Sensations



Music: “Serotonin Release” by LazaOaza and “Yoga Ambient by TastyAudio

Image: “Newborn baby sleeps in a knitted scarf” By YouraPechkin


Instagram: @KalyaniJen

YouTube: @HealingRestWithKalyani

Facebook: Kalyani Yoga

Spotify: Healing Rest

Insight Timer: Kalyani Jen Tobin

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