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Rise and Shine- Morning Meditation (20 min)

Rise and Shine- Morning Meditation (20 min)

Life is stressful, but morning meditation can help. There is no experience necessary at all. Simply sit or lay in any way that is comfortable for you and follow my voice. The act of meditating causes the pituitary gland in your brain to secrete endorphins. They make us feel good, emotionally and physically. Meditation also enhances activity in the area of your brain that’s associated with positive emotions and experiences. Some studies suggest that meditation helps combat depression and anxiety, while others say that regular meditation may even improve pain tolerance. 


This meditation can be used at any time, but is most powerful first thing in the morning. Take some time to breathe and awaken gently with this peaceful meditation. You deserve the gift of your total awareness. Even better, try waking up to this everyday, for one full week. Then let me know about all of the changes you start to see in your life. 


In this meditation you will experience:

Awakening Your Senses

Breath Awareness

Observing Thoughts

Consciously Create Your Day


Music from Envato: Ambient Meditation by AGsoundtrax

Image: Sea Sunrise By Galyna_Andrushko

YouTube: @HealingRestWithKalyani

Facebook: Kalyani Yoga

Spotify: Healing Rest

Insight Timer: Kalyani Jen Tobin



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