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Quickly Melting Tension With 741 Hz (5 min)

Quickly Melting Tension With 741 Hz (5 min)

Take just 5 minutes to Melt tension out of your mind and body. Enjoy the healing 741 Hz frequency, which is effective in reducing anxiety and stress. It acts like a natural tranquilizer that calms the mind and releases tension from the body. Imagine sending all of your worries to Mother Earth. Give her your stress and tension, your anger and frustration. Then welcome healing energy into your mind and body. Come back refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of your day. 


In this Meditation you will experience:

Solfeggio Frequency 741 Hz



Tension Release


Image: “Italy, Lago Viverone at sunset” by: Estend61

Music: “741 Ascension Frequency Meditation By:UMusic


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