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I AM Healed, I AM Healthy, I AM Whole (42:22 min)

I AM Healed, I AM Healthy, I AM Whole (42:22 min)

Anytime we use the words I AM, it is so important to be mindful of what word we use following these powerful manifesting words. Speak your desires into reality. In this meditation we will take a journey deep within. Becoming aware of our inner landscape and then consciously changing anything that no longer serves us. Enjoy luxurious spaces to explore and unwind. Get beyond all of your labels, your titles and responsibilities to uncover your higher self, hidden deep within. Awaken feeling healed, healthy and whole. 


In this Meditation you will experience:

Body Scan

Tension Release

Breath Awareness

Observing Thoughts


Intention Setting


Music: Rain Meditation By: Meditation Tracks

Image: Tourist in Yellowstone By Galyna_Andrushko


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