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Fill Yourself First Meditation (46 min)

Fill Yourself First Meditation (46 min)

You deserve to make self care a priority. Anytime we are feeling overwhelmed, as if there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything we need to do it’s time to reset our priorities, re-focus our awareness and recommit to self care.


It is not selfish to take time to take care of you. In fact, it is selfish not too! If you do not take time to get centered, anchored and grounded, you cannot be the best version of you. You will not have the energy and patience for your loved ones, life will pass you by while you are so busy being stressed out.


So give yourself permission to fill up, re-charge and feel better.


In this meditation you will experience:

Releasing Tension

Body Scan

Body Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Body Awareness

Positive Intentions 


Image: “Teen girl with closed eyes and raised hands enjoying sunny summer morning near the waterfall” By oksanamoroz82 

Music: “Rainforest" by AGSoundtraxand

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