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Detox Breath For Beginners (20 min)

Detox Breath For Beginners (20 min)

Begin by relaxing, awakening all of your senses and experiencing a quick body scan. Then when we have released the stress of our day we will be more open to explore the breath a little bit deeper. Take just 20 minutes to explore a meditation that will guide you through the practice of Detox Breath, also known as Complete Breath. This calming breath will assist you in releasing toxins both emotional and physical, so you can feel more energized. 


Benefits of Detox Breath:

Reduce Overwhelm, Sadness and Anxiety

Find Balance

Release Stress and Tension

Boost the Immune System


In this Meditation you will experience:

Body Scan

Breath Awareness

Awakening Senses

Tension Release

Music: “Calmness” By ArchiMusic

Image: “Bowman lake” By Galyna_Andrushko


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