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Consciously Create Your Day (17 min)

Consciously Create Your Day (17 min)

Tired of feeling like you have no control over your life? As if every day is the same, where you find yourself reacting to the situations around you but not ever experiencing the life you dream of? Let’s break that cycle together. Begin to Consciously Create Your Day every morning with awareness. No longer allowing anxiety or the sense of being too busy dictate how you will feel today. What if we really can use the power of our mind to change our life? Isn’t it worth trying? 


In this Meditation you will experience:

Present Moment Awareness

Reprogramming Your Thoughts

3 Part Breath

Quick Body Scan

Intention Setting


Music: “A Peaceful Space” By: ScoreWizards

Image: “Beautiful Seascape: By: Rozum


Instagram: @KalyaniJen

YouTube: @HealingRestWithKalyani

Facebook: Kalyani Yoga

Spotify: Healing Rest

Insight Timer: Kalyani Jen Tobin

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